Brian is 40!

We celebrated Brian's 40th with a Lumberjack Pancake Breakfast. I made his birthday cake using a waffle maker and it turned out delicious!

Happy New Year!

Matthew is 12

My nephew turned 12 and for our family party I whipped up a quick skateboard themed cake using lime green frosting {his favorite color} and a hand-drawn chocolate melt skateboarder.

Merry Christmas from Frost Cake Co!

Simon's Minecraft Cake

ATD Anniversary Cake

Created this anniversary cake for ATD - iced in buttercream with french vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream filling.

Happy Halloween!

Owen's school had a Fall Festival and I donated a ghost cake to the silent auction for the festival. Had such a blast making a girl ghost complete with a bow. I also helped with his class craft and made a fingerprint spider candy bowl which also went to the silent auction. Since I can't really help in his classroom I love using my creativity to help raise money in other ways. {Also, this Darth Vadar costume was found at a consignment store for $5 and I just couldn't pass it up}.

Walking Dead Brain Cake

I was asked to make a Walking Dead brain cake and bloody finger cookies for a co-worker. I had such a fun time molding brain matter into cake form. Amelia wanted her own cake to decorate as well!

Doxie Celebration

Stella and Charlie celebrated their 9th and 8th birthdays with scrambled eggs. The kids were more than happy to blow out the candles and make wishes for their furry friends.